o|ver|flow «verb. OH vuhr FLOH; noun, adjective. OH vuhr FLOH», verb, -flowed, -flown, -flow|ing, noun, adjective.
1. to flow over the bounds: »

Rivers often overflow in the spring.

2. to have the contents flowing over: »

My cup is overflowing.

3. to pass from one part to another because of lack of room: »

The crowd overflowed from the auditorium into the hall.

4. Figurative. to be very abundant: »

an overflowing harvest, overflowing kindness.

1. to cover or flood: »

The river overflowed my garden. Behold, waters rise up…and shall overflow the land, and all that is therein (Jeremiah 47:2).

SYNONYM(S): inundate, overrun.
2. a) to flow over the top of: »

Stop pouring! The milk is overflowing the cup.

b) to fill to the point of overflowing: »

Figurative. So they overflowed his house, smoked his cigars and drank his health (Rudyard Kipling).

3. to extend out beyond; be too many for: »

The crowd overflowed the little room and filled the hall.

1. an overflowing; excess: »

the annual overflow of the Nile.

2. something that flows or runs over: »

an overflow of people from the cities, to carry off the overflow from a fountain.

3. an outlet or container for overflowing liquid.
superabundant; overflowing: »

In theaters and student hostels…overflow crowds listen to poets with almost religious fervor (Time).

[Old English oferflōwan]
o´ver|flow´ing|ly, adverb.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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